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LATE FALL 2019: 10/29/19 – 12/14/19
Moving delay: classes will be held at our current location:
2040 Winnebago St.

For anyone interested in becoming involved with the MCP community, taking a class is strongly encouraged! There is no better way to learn about the studio and to become comfortable with our specific materials & operating procedures. As always, class registration includes clay/glaze/firing (10lbs of finished work*) and access to a generous schedule of student open studio hours for independent practice. All classes are limited to 8 students, and they fill quickly! Descriptions below.

*Scroll down for FAQ’s, an explanation of clay & firing costs, plus a 2019 Class Schedule.
Paying with a Gift Certificate? Simply email your class preference.

WHEEL 1-1.5   (10 lbs. finished work included)  REGISTER
This ever-popular class is designed for anyone new to the potter’s wheel, as well as those with some experience interested in (re-)establishing a firm foundation for more advanced work. Our skilled instructors guide you through the entire ceramic process tailoring each lesson to suit the diverse needs of the group. Students generally leave the class with a nice selection of completed mugs and bowls. This is a fantastic opportunity to become acquainted with the MCP community, and many people enjoy taking this class several times before continuing on to other classes.  (No experience necessary.)

-Tuesday mornings 9:00-11:30am (Oct 29 – Dec 10, 2019) w/ Nicky Ross
Fee: $265.   ** 1 seat remaining! **
-Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm (Oct 29 – Dec 10, 2019) w/ Nicky Ross
Fee: $265.   

-Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm (Oct 30 – Dec 11, 2019) w/ Shandra Bjyrd
Fee: $265.   
-Saturday mornings
9:30-Noon (Nov 2 – Dec 14, 2019) w/ Dean Leeper
Fee: $265. 

Pottery Boot Camp  (15 lbs. finished work included)   REGISTER
Make, make, make make! This class will focus on honing in on good technique for throwing basic to advanced forms. Plan on cutting pots in half to bridge the feeling of the clay with visual evidence of wall thickness and shape. This class will improve your ability to make any shape you can imagine. Sign up to improve your pottery skills and find your voice along the way!

-Thursday evenings 6:30-9:00pm (Nov 7 – Dec 19, 2019) w/ Brian Kluge
Fee: $300.  **3 seats left!**


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Or, contact MCP to confirm availability.      608-255-9240

Don’t care for online enrollment? Not a problem! Confirm availability in the class of interest and then use one of the methods listed below to enroll:

1. Stop by the studio during staffed hours (M 1-5, W 1-5, F 11-5, and Sat. 12-5).  When paying in person, we are happy to accept cash, check, or credit/debit. OR
2. Mail a check. Please make checks payable to Midwest Clay Project and mail to 2040 Winnebago St., Madison, WI 53704.

Class fees are non-refundable one week prior to the first class session.

Class schedule doesn’t suit your schedule? Consider a lesson series. Whether you have some experience, or are starting fresh, private lessons can be very beneficial. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, interests and skill level. In general, private lessons are scheduled Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm, however, we can occasionally accommodate an evening lesson. One week’s notice, preferably more, is required to schedule all private lessons. Individual adult private lessons for one person are $50. for 75 minutes of hands on, in-depth instruction ($40. per person for 2-4 people). We do offer a Private Lesson Series that runs concurrent to the current class session and includes the benefits of a 6-week class session – please email to inquire about scheduling OR Register online.


What if I have to miss a class? If it fits your schedule you may do a make-up class by dropping into another class. Depending upon your schedule this could take place the week prior, the week of, or the week after your absence. Please speak with your instructor about this early or contact MCP to help decide what might be the best option. Every class is slightly different, so you may be learning different material, but it is all pertinent. If you’ll need to make-up more than 2 classes, please consider the Lesson Series instead.

Does my class fee include clay, glaze and firing fees?  Yes – your class fee includes up to 10lbs. of finished fired work. This means that you may use as much clay as you like each time you come to the studio. You decide what to keep and fire.

Can you give me a general idea of what “ten pounds of pottery” might look like?    Ten pounds is about 8-12 pieces of finished, glazed pottery from a beginning level class.

May I make more than 10lbs. of work?  Yes, of course! While we have found many beginning students do not exceed ten pounds in six weeks you are welcome to make as much work as you like. Anything above and beyond the 10 lbs included in your class fee can be fired based on MCP’s Member’s materials rate, which is currently $3.00/lb. If this is of concern to you, we recommend self-recording the weight of your pieces since our tracking process finishes after class completion.

May I work in the studio outside of class?  Yes, during the six weeks you are registered for a class at MCP, you have access Monday-Saturday during student Student Open Studio hours.  This includes some evening studio hours, which vary with each session, so please inquire about our upcoming schedule. This schedule is posted in the studio and will be emailed to you when your class begins.




WINTER 1/22/19 – 3/2/19 MLK Jr Day is 1/21/19
SPRING  3/12/19 – 4/27/19 no class 3/24 – 3/30/19
MMSD Spring Break
SUMMER  6/18/19 – 8/3/19 no class 7/2-7/6/19
Independence Day
EARLY FALL  9/10/19 – 10/19/19 Labor Day is 9/2/19
LATE FALL  10/29/19 – 12/14/18 no class  11/19-11/23
Thanksgiving week