2 Guided Glazing Workshops with Mary Pulliam

One of our longest tenured Monthly Members, Mary Pulliam, has an extensive knowledge of how to use our shop glazes to great aesthetic effect. Mary is responsible for the test cups near the glaze samples with how-to instructions and has been a resource to many with glazing hints and tips. Now is your chance to delve deeper into her knowledge base with a hands-on, step-by-step workshop. Learn which glazes work well in layered application, how to use tape to mask areas, which glaze combinations run, and much much more! (Commercial glazes will not be discussed.)

Saturday, Sept 9, 9-11
Sunday, Sept 10, 10-Noon

This 2-hour workshop will set you well on your way to glazing success!
-$45 for Members, $55 for non-Members.
-Enrollment includes two bisque-fired cups to practice on.
-Feel free to bring your own bisqueware as well.